• Donald Poorman

Calling All Women! Are YOU in need of a RESTORATIVE Wellness Retreat?

It's spring and our powerful, restorative

Women's Wellness Retreat is back!

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Let's face it.

This past year has been challenging and stressful. Although we keep on persevering and pushing through, it's been taking quite a toll... on our minds, our bodies & our spirits.

It's time to fill our cups back up!

Join us Saturday May 29, in gorgeous Loudoun countryside, for a day of tranquility, connection & rejuvenation.

Our amazing herd of therapy horses and intuitive facilitators will help you shed stress, while reconnecting with yourself and others. Throughout the day, in non-riding activities with the horses, you will refill your reserve, restore resilience and replenish your soul. Space is limited - reserve your spot today. You not only need this retreat, YOU DESERVE IT!

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