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A message from the Loudoun County Veterans Engagement Board: Honoring our veterans this Memorial Day

While all of us are facing this pandemic together, those who served or are serving in the military know all too well that standing together for our families, communities, and country in the face of adversity is not new. Especially those who have been on the battlefield and lost friends or loved ones know what is meant by the term “ultimate sacrifice.” Each year at this time we pause to honor those who took up military service to preserve the freedoms we enjoy in this country; freedoms that are not universally known everywhere in the world.

The Loudoun County Community Veterans Engagement Board – composed of veteran and military service organizations, veteran focused businesses and our citizens who do so much for those who served – wishes to salute our soldiers, sailors, Marines, airmen and Coast Guard members of Loudoun County for the sacrifices these veterans and their families have made over the years. There are approximately 60,000 veterans and family members in Loudoun County. We want them to know that they are remembered and are not alone.

Loudoun County has initiated a new method to disseminate veteran related information to our Loudoun veteran and military-connected communities, including their family members and caregivers. The ability to share vital resources and information in a timely manner is of particular importance during these uncertain times. If you have served in the U.S. military or are now serving in the U.S. military and you reside in Loudoun County, please register with your name and email address to Your name and respective email address will be used exclusively by Loudoun County government veteran representatives to keep you informed of important veteran and military related information.

In addition to the Loudoun Veterans Registry, the Loudoun County Veterans Services Office is also a ready source for veteran support. This office is a one-stop resource location for veterans to coordinate information and be a referral hub for the network of partners who serve veterans in this county. Any veteran can inquire about available services with the Loudoun County veterans services coordinator at:


-Website: Program

-Telephone Number: 571-258-3815

To our veterans, as we celebrate this Memorial Day, know that the sacrifices made by you and your family are appreciated. Our country is better for you having been there!

James Mullen, LCCVEB Chairman

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